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I offer 1:1 Life Coaching.
Areas I coach in include wellness, business, career and purpose

My journey as a coach

I have been a life and business coach for the past 7 years. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with hundreds of individuals and small businesses to guide and empower them toward healthy ways of living and successful growth within their businesses.


My coaching style is direct, intuitive and compassionate.


My coaching career began in the corporate world as a general sales manager where I would coach, train and oversee 4 sales managers and over 40 sales staff in 3 different cities. I coached, trained, and devised programs and methods to help them nurture and develop their sales skillset.


After I left the corporate world, I embarked on a spiritual journey to become a yoga teacher, which was a lifelong goal of mine. After leaving the corporate world I would fill out my days teaching yoga and facilitating wellness workshops. However, my old coaching habits came back and would always present themselves to my fellow entrepreneurs in the wellness industry, I would offer them my sales coaching services out of friendship because I knew that they had a remarkable gift to share with the world and I wanted to help them develop that corporate edge. The corporate edge would help them reach the people they were looking to serve. 


With my coaching practice, I wanted to work with heart-centred entrepreneurs and help them develop sales skills that would nurture and grow their businesses. After working with over 100 different entrepreneurs, retail stores and small business owners my coaching practices started to drift into the wellness world when I began to teach more yoga.


Now that I had coached people in life and business, the next leg in my coaching journey brought me to the mental health field. I partnered with traditional and non-traditional mental health professionals to create, facilitate, and co-facilitate mental health support and empowerment groups for hundreds of individuals from the youth to the elderly


Whether I coach in life or business, I do so with my clients through the lens of the valuable knowledge I gained from working in mental health, the wellness world, and sales coaching. I have a grounded and professional style which allows me to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

About me

I enjoy the outdoors, writing poetry, and playing sports.


I love movies, cooking and music will always be my first love.


Family, friends and my partner are an integral part of my life and  I enjoy spending quality time with them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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