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My Journey with Yoga

Began in India, 2007

After a few years of struggling with depression, I attempted to heal from the traumatic experiences I had endured in my life, but found no success. In an effort to give me the opportunity to heal and process my thoughts and emotions, my mom sold our home and uprooted our entire family to go live in India.

This is when my 16-year love affair with yoga began.

While living in India, I was often depressed and rarely left the house. My daily activities consisted of mindlessly watching television, brief interactions with family, eating, and occasionally playing cards. One day, while walking through the local market, I was drawn to a small book on yoga. The book was in-depth about the practice of yoga, yet simple enough for me to grasp and start practicing postures and yogic cleansing rituals.

I started teaching my little brother and sister what I learned from the book (okay, I kinda made them do it with me, lol). It was at that moment that I felt empowered to take my own well-being into my own hands for the first time. The flame was lit. I remember telling my mom that I would host yoga classes for many people to come and enjoy what I had to offer. It wasn't until 10 years later that this actually became a reality in Okotoks, Alberta.

My teaching style is for those who are looking for dynamic changes and shifts to better their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. My teachings have matured significantly with the work I have done in mental health over the past three years. The main addition to my teaching style has been modern nervous system healing exercises inspired my traditional psychology to help you adapt and better your response to stress.

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